Landscape Gardening

Landscape Gardening

When you consider all of the different garden landscapes to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A good place to start is to think about what you want your garden for. Weather you are looking for a garden makeover or to start from scratch we can offer advice on everything in your garden and a professional view on what can be achieved.

Garden renovations

Gardens are dynamic entities, forever changing and ageing. As plants mature and grow there is a periodic need for refreshment and renovation.

At times it is appropriate to work within the framework of an established garden, to reinvigorate the soil and replant as required. This is an affordable way to add new appeal to your garden.

New gardens

We offer a full softscape gardening service from designing a garden plan to purchasing and planting your new garden and laying instant lawn.

Indigenous gardens

Indigenous trees and plants can have many benefits, including aesthetic, ecological and economical. They provide food and shelter for native birds, reduce erosion and much more.

By planting local trees and shrubs you can, among many things, increase the value of your land, provide winter food for birds and preserve and rebuild the natural character of your local landscape.

Low maintenance gardens

Many home owners today are looking for low maintenance options for their garden due to lack of time or money.

We have a range of low maintenance materials to cover areas of the garden which prevents weeds growing. The most popular is bark chippings or a range of gravel. Weed preventing membrane are applied to paths, flower beds or driveways.

We can also recommend plants and trees that require hardly any maintenance.

Landscape Gardening Services

Our landscape gardening services include:

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landscape gardening
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